Development of highly-efficient low-emission log wood-fired closed fireplace INSERts thanks to an automated elecTRONIC control system

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INSERTRONIC, an innovative closed fireplace insert log wood combustion technology ensuring unrivaled low gaseous emissions, highest thermal efficiency and unique usability comfort has been developed within INSERTRONIC project.

In face of absolutely challenging technical limits all objectives have been achieved entirely satisfying.

Beside the optimised combustion, the clean window which guarantees an undisturbed view at the flame during all operation phases in combination with the steady and voluminous flame pattern as well as the automated process control system including an automated remotely controlled ignition system in order to minimise user induced errors and increase the thermal efficiency are the most visible improvements.

The lightweight flexible insertion frame (aluminium profiles) and modular panelling system (different materials and surfaces), guarantees an easily and quickly integration of the fireplace insert in different masonry framework conditions and into different room concepts, even as a freestanding system.

Beside these technical novelties all preparations for industrialization as well as commercialisation have been done.
  This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020
research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 711324